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Over the weekend my parents and I got a new kitten! He's a male Chocolate Siamese kitten. Mr. Sid was a Seal Point Siamese, which are the darkest of the Siamese. The Chocolates are a little lighter than the Seal Points, so this kitten won't be a dark as Sid was. He's 3 months old and was born on 11/7/08 (this is my other cat Scud's birthday as well). And he is the most adorable thing!! Very friendly, loves to be held, but also a little terror! XD He will run from you and play with you and scratch you (which we are working on). But he is highly entertaining!! X3

So, what's his name? Well, that's the thing. We can't think of a name. So we need help! My parents and I would love suggestions of names for this little guy!

Cute, isn't he? X3
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