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Happy Birthday, [ profile] roostergirl!!

Hope to see you, Josh and the little one soon!! ^^
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Since it's the 30th in Japan...

お誕生日おめでとう, [ profile] yuukihikari!!

Hope you have lots of fun on your birthday!!! <3<3<3
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] whimsy_chan!!
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So I just got a card in the mail from the Community Blood Center today, telling me that the blood that I just donated recently went to a patient in need. This gave me a squishy feeling all over knowing that I did something good for someone else. I've been donating blood when ever I can and my one gallonth (or 8th pint) of blood was of some use. I'm sure they probably used my blood before, but this is the first time I got anything from the CBC telling me that the blood I donated actually went to someone. I feel really good inside! :3


Jul. 18th, 2008 03:34 am
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Oh my fcuking god... The Dark Knight was AWESOME!!!!! Beyond words!!!

More later.
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Happy 30th Birthday To Me!!

I'm soooooo old! XDD
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Patiently waiting for the last episode of Season 4 of Doctor Who to show up on [ profile] dramatic_eps is slowly driving me completely nuts! WHERE IS IT??? MUST HAVE NOW!!!! I'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!!!! *rawr*

EDIT: Ahhhh... the bloody download is not going fast enough. At this rate I'll have to leave just as its done downloading, and then I'll have to wait until sometime later tonight to watch it. I JUST CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! D:
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OMG... not George Carlin too!?! Why are so many great people dying lately? ;__;
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] zrana!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] nee_chan!!
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I hope you guys are proud of your selves for finally getting me hooked into Doctor Who. I hate you ALL!! EXTERMINATE!!!

Oh, btw, can you tell who my favorite villains are?? Hmmmm....

*is sad*

Jun. 13th, 2008 07:56 pm
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I'm sure that a lot of you don't know who this is or even really care, but...

OMG... Tim Russert. ;__; You'll be greatly missed!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] thatgaykid!!
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I'm playing with my Sims again.... and that's never a good thing! *leers*
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You fail Viz Pictures and Fathom Events! What is the meaning of releasing the Death Note movie DUBBED when it says that you will be releasing it SUBBED?!

[ profile] nee_chan and I went to go see the two day only release of the Death Note movie in theatres. But when we got there, [ profile] amblejourney informed us that it was dubbed with the Anime's voice cast. As much as I like Brad Swaile as Light and Brian Drummond as Ryuk, I can't stand Alessandro Juliani as L. I don't know what it is, but I just can't listen to it. Plus, this is a LIVE ACTION movie. You can't really do a good dub over when the mouth movements are clearly in Japanese. It was a good thing she informed us before we bought the tickets, because I would have been livid if I just spent $10 and found out that it was dubbed. That's what happened when I went to see Howl's Moving Castle at the Big Picture during their Foreign Film Festival. The paper said that it was going to be showen subbed. But when I got there, they informed me that it was dubbed. I already own the movie. I didn't want to pay to watch it dubbed, when I could watch it at home for free. But I ended up watching it on the big screen anyways.

Now, back to the Death Note movie. [ profile] amblejourney also informed us that they took out the opening song, Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. WTF?!?! Now why would they do that? It's an American song. Why cut it for an American release? D: But anyways, [ profile] nee_chan and I decided to see Speed Racer instead. And let me tell you, WE BOTH LOVED IT!!! Yes it was a bit campy in parts, but that's what was expected. And the visual effects were stunning!!! (And so was Matthew Fox as Racer X!! Yum!! XDD) I'm glad we chose to see it. Now, I'll wait til September when the Death Note movie gets released on DVD to have my Japanese with subtitles. I just wished they would have informed us sooner than when we got there. *shakes head*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] the_dense!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] tokyogirl1414!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] gunnm_angel!!

I'm home

Apr. 1st, 2008 12:19 pm
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[ profile] nee_chan and I got back to Whitewater around midnight Sunday night after driving 12 1/2 hours straight from DC to Wisconsin. We immediately went to bed! She decided to skip her first class, but went to her second. I showered and packed Alphonse back up. When she got back from class, we watched "Bang Bang You're Dead" (I've been trying to get her to watch that movie for some time now) and then I drove back home.

So, now I'm back at work. I had a FABULOUS time in the Pitts, DC, and NYC with my Nee and [ profile] thatgaykid!! Definitely want to go back to New York and stay a lot longer. So many things I want to still see and do! Now, to focus on ACen.

I don't wanna be back to work!!! ;__;

Back in DC

Mar. 29th, 2008 02:47 pm
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We spent yesterday afternoon in Greenwich Village and Downtown Manhattan. We saw the Stonewall Memorial and the World Trade Center site. I got very emotional while visiting the Tribute Center. They actually have one of the WTC victim's death certificate on display. As well as some artifacts recovered from Ground Zero. It got me all choked up. After lunch, we head back to Washington D.C. [ profile] thatgaykid took [ profile] nee_chan and I to a latin gay club called "Fuego". He got totally wasted.

So now we are gonna head downtown DC to look at the Cherry Blossoms. The National Cherry Blossom Festival starts today, so we are gonna check it out. Then later tonight we're going to another club. Tomorrow Nee and I are heading home. Driving straight through. We should be back in Whitewater by 1 a.m. Monday morning. She's got class at 8:50 a.m. on Monday.

It's been a good trip. Seen a lot of great stuff. Definitely want to go back to New York. Didn't get to see the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. It just gives me another excuse to visit New York again! ^^

EDIT: Some one on IMDB posted a uniquely written account of Randy Harrison's performance, and the play itself, the night we saw Antony & Cleopatra. Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra — 3/27/2008 Performance )