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I am now about 5 hours into the game and I have past the prologue. So here is my first initial thoughts about the game!


The opening sequence is love!

Passion is utter love! (can't stop listening to it)

Roxas is adorable love!

Twilight Kids are love!

Saruman as DiZ is love!!

Batou as Ansem is weird love!

Axel x Roxas is OTP love!!

Nearly 18 year-old Haley is MEGA love!!

Sora in his new garbs is hawt love!!


Prologue took too long.

Not being able to play as Roxas again sucks.

Aerith's voice suck. No expression, no feeling.


More to come as I progress through the game! And now I have this sudden urge to go out and pick up Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!!! XDDD


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